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   From this page, using the links below, you can view the TEXTUAL FAMILY TREE AND HISTORY of the family line going back to the year 1056.
   Or you can view the PICTORIAL FAMILY TREE which goes back to the great grand-parents of Theodore Reynolds Cooper III
   (and in some cases beyond);
    wherein you can find a folder for each member containing multiple pictures of that member as well as some of their original writtings.          

    0.   Family Tree             (Use Browser Zoom To See Detail)                   Show Tree


There are photos of  5 root family lines represented here, with the eldest appearing first:

  1. Rogers     (Beginning with Peter Rogers)                                         Rogers

  2. Giles         (Beginning with Nelson GIles & Cyryna Dean)                         Giles

  3. Babcock   (Beginning with Joseph Babcock & Edna Montgomery )                     Babcock

  4. Pounds,Cooper     (Beginning with James Cooper & Saddie Taylor)       Cooper

  5. Fletcher     (Beginning with William Fletcher & Elizabeth McBain )       Fletcher

  6. ALL     (View individuals directly by opening their file & clicking on MemberFacts )       ALL