MAX, Marlene's replacement after the trip from hell.

I. PRELUDE                     
For those of you who know me, if you haven't seen it by now, being an old computer programmer, I love to write. As a young math and science student, I absolutely hated English and writing. Fiction and poetry were simply not my thing.

But as I grew into the computer profession, I came to immerse myself in writing computer programs and ultimately documentation. And as the years passed, I came to find that writing was in fact very theraputic. It gave the ability to externalize what would otherwise become repressed, and thereby enabled an ability to analyze and come to terms with whatever the problem might be. At the same time it provided an emotional release.

Since retiring from the computer profession, I continued to throw myself into developing my web site, where I went into documenting years of playing bridge, as well as posting the solidification of some long time thinking. And more recently (as many of you are now aware) I bombarded you with a barrage of emails arising from news articles or passed onto me by others. But having recognized the errors of my ways, I have placed myself in "news junkie rehab" and diminished my appetitite for such useless activity, albeit I still watch the economy.

Yet at the same time, I am still driven to write. And so I look to this new outlet on my website to write about and document something that is more on the lighter side. It is a topic which absolutely outrages and frustrates me as much as the news, but I have to say it is in fact really funny. It is about something on which I have spent a ton of money, cursed, blessed, and sometimes wanted to drive over a cliff. I am referring to what is called MY RV, otherwise erroneously known as a "recreation" vehicle. Where they ever determined it was "recreation" is beyond me. I've done nothing but work my butt off on it for ten years. And, in my case, it has been the most abusive piece of property I've ever owned. It is said that adversity strengthens character. Well I must be a firm believer in that adage, because I continue to go back for more over and over again like some battered house wife. Truly I must be sick in the head..... BUT IN THE END I HAVE TO LAUGH.

The story will not only go into the trips I have taken, but will get into the details of every little thing I had to do make this albatros fly, including the over-and-over-again house and engine work. The first chapter is already started and entitled THE TRIP FROM HELL.
So enjoy (if you are so disposed) and follow as the story develops.

1. The Trip From Hell

2.The Anatomy Of A Monster

3. The List & Beginning Of Pain

4. Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

5. All Quiet On TheInterior - Uh Mostly

6. Is There A Mechanic In The House?

7. Up On The Roof

8. Not All Is What It Seams. And Dont Rain On My Windshield Or Rear

9. The Endless Hunt For Exterior Paint

10. Of Naked Hubs, Rusty Bumpers & Guady Hardware

11. The Electric Maze

12. Riding On An NG Bomb

13. A Complete Shock - To Brake Or Not To Brake

14. The Power Of Pumps

15. I Want My MPG

16. And What About That House Generator?

17. A New Engine For Bonzo

18. Repeat - Is There A Mechanic In The House?