After years of taking this RV to NUMEROUS INCOMPETENT MECHANICS & spending a ton of money on them, I began doing as much of

       the mechanical repairs myself. And in that process I learned how stupid mechanics are.


       1. Regarding that 100V house generator that would stall out-

           I took it to another mechanic who again rebuilt the carb & then claimed I needed a new fuel pump for it, because the fuel pump was

           pumping gas too fast and flooding the carb.  After looking at it myself, I discovered that the automatic choke was freezing up, just like

           the engine choke that the Medicine Man had fixed.


       2. Regarding that reserve gas tank switch over valve-

            I discovered that the dash board switch that operated the electro-magnetic valve switch was not hooked up.

           And there were numerous other quirky things that any knowledgable mechanic would have & should have found & fixed properly. 


        I have yet to find a competent mechanic.      


 (To be continued)