"REALITY" deals with real physical things that we can see, feel, touch, taste, hear, and measure against other real physical things.

    "ABSTRACTS" deal with the imaginary or unreal.

     In the world of reality, there are 2 things that hold our attention.

              LIFE and

              GRAVITY (and o0ther physical phenomenon.

     In the world of abstracts, there are 4 things that hold our attention.


            TIME /DIRECTION and


     We ask, “What are the relationships among the five?”.

     But first we must make some statements that seem rather intuitive.

              1. A “SINGULARITY' is the equivalent of a unique POINT having no physical dimensions or direction.

                   A "SINGULARITY" is abstract and is not a "UNIT" which is real and does have dimensions..

                   A unit encloses several singularities.

                   However, many singularities may (and do) enclose a unit.

                    Thus, a real physical unit may be seen as being immersed in a sea of abstract singularities.

               2. "TIME" and "DIRECTION" are dependent upon the existence of at least 2 singularities.

                    In the absence of more than one singularity, neither time nor direction exist.

                    But the MEASUREMENT of time and direction is RELATIVE and must be done in terms of comparison to

                    a defined existing real-world standard..

                3. "LIFE" as we know it is defined by time and direction.

                    The existence of observable life depends upon the existence of time and direction.

                    Without time and direction there is no observable life.

                    HYPOTHESIS :

                       But the MEASUREMENT of life is RELATIVE and must be done in terms of comparison to

                       a defined standard of perfection, ie, "GOD" .If one chooses to accept another real living

.                      being (other than themselves) as the standard of perfection , then one must realize that he/she is

                      relinquishing control over his/her life to another, in addition to falling short of the definition of "perfection",

                      in that the "perfect life" would live forever. And we all know that no person we know lives forever

                      in this world.



  1. TIME appears to be an irreversible force propelling us toward our inevitable end.

    The only time machine we have is in our record keeping…. ie, music, history, writings, videos, photos, etc.

  1. LIFE appears to be a force contrary to time in that it seeks to reverse or repeat time.

  1. A CLOSED SYSTEM is one which has boundaries, can be defined, is finite and therefore it exists.

    A closed system may be made up of smaller closed sub-systems, the aggregate of which give it a distinct identity.

    Science appears to conceive of the universe as a closed system, having originated from the Big Bang and having a finite size.

    And by definition, nothing can exist outside of the universe.

    However, it has been observed that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate, which gives rise to the question

    as to the limit of its expansion if the universe is in fact a finite closed system

  2. An OPEN SYSTEM is one which does not have closed boundaries and as such cannot be defined.

    Whether or not an open system can exist cannot be proven, because it has no closed defining boundaries

    If there is such a thing as an open system, there can only be one , because if there were more than one,

    they would all blend in together with one opening into the other to form one big open system. And it would have to be

    at least as as large as the universe, if not larger. An open system gives rise to the concept of infinity. And since there can

    be no more than one open system, an interesting relationship must exist between unity and infinity.

  3. In the absence of the existence of an open system, GOD must be relative, not absolute, because he would be contained within

    the closed system of the universe, and by definition nothing can exist outside of the boundaries of the universe

    But if an open system does exist, then GOD could be at least as large as the universe.

    However, he would be too large to be contained within the closed system, called Heaven.

  4. Yet another possibility might be a HYBRID SYSTEM, ie, a mix of CLOSED SYSTEMS with an OPEN SYSTEM.