1. In making a lead, study the dummy - no kidding,
     then consider partner's signals, followed by the bidding.

2. The opening lead is a shot in the dark.
     But holding one suit's ace/king, it's a walk in the park.
     The top of nothing rarely causes harm,
     unless partner has bid, then he might twist your arm.
     Against trump contracts on opening lead,
     avoid suits with lone aces or kings, if you want to succeed.
     Against no-trump contracts, with four card suits, brother,
     only lead touching honors, else switch to another.

3. When dummy has unstoppable non-trump suit showing,
     cash yours and partner's winners & get it going.
     But if you cash your winners too soon,
     you might as well give declarer the moon.
     Play cat & mouse for as long as you can.
     You'll be richly rewarded if you follow this plan.

4. Lead through strength into weakness, that's what it takes.
     Do so consistently, make no mistakes.
     When dummy's hand is on your right,
     lead the weakest suit still there in sight.
     When, to left, dummy has holey might,
     then lead that suit to your partner's delight.

5. When dummy has trump and near void in other stuff,
     consider a trump lead to deny declarer a ruff.

6. Forcing declarer to trump is a very good lead,
     it depletes his strength, causing him to bleed.
     But beware of the dummy being able to ruff.
     You never want to give a ruff & a sluff.

7. When dummy's hand has no more trump,
     save your own, don't be a chump.

8. When playing a trump contract, don't ever guess
     that your partner is out, it will make a big mess.
     Always be sure that your partner is out,
     before throwing the hand into all kinds of doubt.

9. Leading into fourth hand's strength is a signal perfected,
     meaning you now have a void and with trump well protected.

10. Astute players have learned that it's not always true,
     to lead partner's bid suit, or to return his lead, too.

11. Second hand low is a good rule to follow,
     with these two exceptions which we must allow.
     Cover honor with honor when no underling is visible.
     Rise with doubleton king and no left handed ace making you miserable.

12. Third hand high to win is a rule to obey,
     Only do so cheaply showing partner the way.

13. Anticipate declarer's line of play.
     In so doing you will win at the end of the day.
     Consider the holdup before taking a trick,
     to deny transportation, making declarer quite sick.
     Attempt to cause blockages of declarer's hand,
     so he cant easily proceed ahead with his plan.

14. Each time in the lead, for each suit run this test,
     review each of these options, eliminating all but the best.