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This is the main home page for learning to play bridge, where you can use the links below to learn how to play, score and bid. Most bridge classes will give a brief overview of the three stages of bridge ( Bidding, Playing The Hand and Scoring) and then proceed to dive right into the bidding systems/conventions. That is not the approach I am taking here. I believe it to be more important to first understand the play of the hand and the scoring, before beginning an in depth discussion of bidding systems. Accordingly, you will notice I have saved any discussion of bidding systems until last. It is important to understand why you choose to bid a certain way based upon the results it will bring, as opposed to learning a diictatorial "This is the way it's done" approach. After you learn all of the ins & outs of the game, then refer to the link in the page preceeding this entitled "THE BIDDING SYSTEM". There you will find a complete reference to what I believe to be the best & most comprehensive common sense bidding system that leaves no stone unturned in terms of being able to describe any hand.

BEGINNINGS and MECHANICS                               OTHER WEB SITES
    The Basic Bridge Game In A NutShell             OK Bridge Online
     Game Setups                                                      Free Yahoo Bridge
     Duplicate Player Check List                             E-Bridge Online
     Bidder Seat Postions & Identities
     Bidding Constructs, Vulnerability, & Values
     Hand Shapes
     Individual Hand Evaluation For Bidding
     Determining Partnership Trick Taking Ability
     Targeting Your Contact Objectives

     Principles Of Playing The Hand
     Defensiive Card Signals 
     Defender Ryhmes For Leading 

     Scoring Duplicate & Rubber Bridge
     Experimental Scoring Program

     Alertable Or Not?
     Teds Bidding System